Key Plugins For A Successful Business WordPress Blog!

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Many entrepreneurs and business owners are converting the WordPress Blog platform as it is the best content management system online and is the most favorable platform for successful SEO. WordPress Blog Plugins can help you with specific needs that everyone faces like security and the ability to stop spam and create an improved user experience for readers by creating interaction and enhanced communication.

Using the right combination of these plugins will ensure the success of your blog and enable you to become indexed by search engines quickly. For example social media plugins makes the process of social media syndication much faster. Social media plugins enable you to share your blogs to your social media accounts automatically, saving you time and money by creating back links and a gateway for visitors to know about your website. As they say “Create content and then tell people about it or else no one will know”. Listed below are the key plugins required for your websites success, these are very simple and easy to install for free.

1. Jetpack by
This plugin was designed by WordPress to provide users with the necessary features for success, allowing users to automatically share their blog posts to their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter plus many more features.

1. Login to as the admin to your WordPress blog.
2. Click on Plugins on the hand side menu, then select Add New
3. Type ‘Jetpack by‘ in the search section.
WordpressJetpack4. Click on Install
Jetpackwordpress5. Go back to your plug ins and activate your Jetpack Plug in
6. If you have completed this successfully ‘JetPack’ will be added to your WordPress menu on the left hand side. Then you can click on and configure your additional settings of choice i.e. Social media syndication.

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast
The SEO plugin designed by Yoast specially for WordPress is an all in one search engine optimization solution for your blog. It enables you to see how good the keyword density of your blog posts as well as the other key components for optimal keyword phrase ranking.

1. Login to as the admin to your WordPress blog.
2. Click on Plugins on the hand side menu, then select Add New
3. Type ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast‘ in the search section.
4. Click on Install Now.
5. Click on Activate Plugin.

From there when you’re adding posts you can utilise the SEO tool to edit posts for the maximum SEO credibility and results.

3. Akismet
Akismet has my highest recommendation for spam protection. Successful and popular blogs are targeted by spammers, Akismet provides the easiest and fastest way to prevent spam from de-facing your website. below is a step by step guide on how to install it for free.

1. Login to as the admin to your WordPress blog.
2. Click on Plugins on the hand side menu, then select Add New
3. Type ‘Akismet’ in the search section.
4. Under the Akismet title Click Activate, then click on Activiate your Akismet AccountWordpressplugingsuccess
5. Log in with your WordPress Log in if you don’t have one you can create a WordPress user name with Akismet.
6. Select a monthly plan. (If you’re using WordPress for personal use you can click on Personal for a free subscription)
7. Click and drag the price to what you want, enter your contact details and continue.
8. Save your API Key and copy it so you can paste it on the activation page
9. Go back to your WordPress Plugin list and select Settings under Akismet
10. Click on ’I already have a Key’

11. Paste your API Key in and press Save. Process Completed.

Akismet will automatically stop incoming spam :)

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This Article Was From Online Social Media Expert And SEO Consultant Rachelle Taylor.

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