How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Online – In 5 Easy Steps

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How to make money through affiliate marketing is a question many new people ask themselves when they first come online searching for a new business. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money without having your own product. It can be done on a part-time basis, but many are so successful that it became their full-time job.
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1. Come Up With Your Product/Service Niche

Find out if the product you are considering to promote is something that your audience needs. Remember, if you try to sell something that is in low demand then chances are you will not make a large number of sales out of it. Also, in able to make money with affiliate marketing, pick a niche you’re familiar with or one you are interested in learning about. This way you will be more passionate in getting the job done and before you know it the sales will start to be made.

2. Find The Products And Services To Promote

There are several affiliate networks on the web that can engage merchants with affiliate site publishers, who can help market their products and services. These companies are:

> Commission Junction is an online advertising company with a wide breadth of merchants, ranging from small online boutiques to travel services to popular global brands.

> Clickbank, PayDotCom and E-junkie help connect the authors of e-books and software with affiliate marketers who can sell their digital download materials.

> Google Adsense can make you money on a pay-per-click basis. Your referral does not necessarily have to convert into a sale, you get paid by just leading traffic to click to a merchant’s website.

3. Build A Website Or Blog

Create a website where you can put links to the products or services you wish to promote. There are several inexpensive service providers like HostGator and GoDaddy, which you can get web hosting solutions. You may also put up a free blog using WordPress or Google’s Blogger network.

4. Decide Your Promotion Strategy

Here are the two main approaches or business models you can choose from:

> Resource Site – This is where you will have to invest and offer lots of how-to articles and posts, and then you can include affiliate links or banner ads to direct your visitors to your merchant partner’s site. Updating your site with new and relevant content regularly is crucial to your success as it gives people a reason to come back to your page and click more of your money-making links.

> Review Site – You have tried the products in your niche, now you can write and post a review about it in your website – to help your visitors decide what to purchase. Of course, you will include a link or banner ad that directs to your merchant’s page to help generate sales. Do not forget to tweak your site once in a while to keep the search engines aware that your website is still active.

In order to make money with affiliate marketing, your website must attract tons of highly targeted traffic. It is therefore essential for you to make use of a mix of marketing strategies to get more exposure and draw more potential buyers for your site. You can work with paid advertising, free advertising, article marketing or email marketing.

5. Test And Track Your Affiliate Campaigns

Split test and measure the performance of each marketing campaign so you can figure out what is working and what is not then take the appropriate action accordingly. There are many affiliate marketing tools available that you can use to track the progress of your campaigns.

Making money with affiliate marketing can be challenging for new people so it is important to get a mentor ad stay focused to the goal that you set and continually educate yourself to stay current with new marketing techniques and trends.

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