Content Marketing: Building Business Through Value-Based Marketing!

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Content Marketing is simply creating valuable contents and sharing them to attract and convert visitors to potential and repeat customers. Let me put emphasis on the word ‘valuable’, yes you do not just share anything! Instead, you spread articles, videos, audio and other materials with stuff that are relevant or closely related to your niche or product. This is to tell people what your business is about, and why they should trust you and do business with you.

Content marketing is one of the easiest and most effective strategy to promote your business, all you have to do is come up with original and credible materials and send them to authority websites and directories. Obviously, these sites already have high page ranking, good reputation, authority and a good number of visitors. By submitting your work to such websites, you can take advantage of the traffic that they receive and leverage them to your own page. Just always make sure that you build your site with
informative contents so you can encourage your visitors to stay longer and become your subscribers.

There are several types of marketing content that you can experiment with, but here are some of the proven venues that most marketers use.

• Articles on your website

• Social media sites

• eNewsletters

• Case studies

Nowadays, content marketing is becoming more and more popular since it deals with people and building good relationships with them. Surely, this is one of the best ways to promote and market your products and services, especially if you are just starting with your online business.

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This kind of strategy works best online, but you can also do this in person. It may not be as easy as sending your work to authority sites and immediately driving traffic to your website. But, eventually once you find the right approach, it’s going to be easy and you will soon get the hang of it. Remember that you can also use this to your advantage because there are people who do not want to do things online. Some even hate call centres and support desks because they feel that they are not talking to the right person. If you get to talk to people or customers like this, even online or in person, always make them feel that they are talking to the right person by adding more personal touch to whatever you are telling them. Nail this, you will surely stand out from the crowd!

Just to be sure that you are doing the right things with your content marketing, try to ask and evaluate yourself with these questions:

1. What type of content marketing will I use?

2. What will be the most effective way to get my audience attention?

3. How will I provide my audience a real people experience?

How will I add personal touch to whatever I’m telling them?

4. How will I monitor the results of all my efforts?

• Blogs

• Videos

• Audios

If you follow this guide and were able to answer the questions and evaluate yourself, you will surely be in a better position in your internet marketing career.

Remember That Content Marketing Will Allow You To Establish Yourself As An Authority In Your Field If You Teach And Share What You Learn Through Value-Based Content. The Type Of Content You Produce Will Reflect What Type Of A Marketer You Are And Whether You Provide Value To The Online Community.

Content Marketing Is Value-Based Marketing. By Providing Great Value And Content Online You Will Be Able To Attract People To Become Your Potential Customers.

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