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Having the best blog design is important as it attracts people to read your content and share it on the social network. If you want a unique blog design, that encourages people to share your content and read everything you write, plus get high search engine rankings, you need to make your content unique. I have been reading a lot on blog design and have found these important to producing a design that works for your blog! These points when implemented will produce great results that will give you the best outcome!

Comments Section:

I tried to switch on Facebook comments at one stage however the best comments are the thread comments as these stay on the blog. They will increase the comments you get greatly by up to 35% which is a high amount.

You see these comments stay on your blog and by staying on your blog will result in more keywords posted in comments to your site. Therefore it is better for the search engines to rank your keywords. Facebook comments go to Facebook and are owned by them and they will not help you to rank you blog.

Posts Intros:

You should only list a few paragraphs not the whole post when the page loads as you want people to click through to take action. The other reason is people can read quickly what they find interesting to them much easier. By just having an introduction on you home page you will not have duplicate content on your blog.You can also see which post gets the best click through rate by gauging which call to action you have to continue reading. You can test for example continue reading, click here for more, read more or read now.

Social Sharing:

It is best to have social buttons that is the most popular for you.The average of around three is optimal for sharing, too many results in less shares. I use Flare on my blog. These can increase social traffic considerably, up to 20%.

Too many options create less interaction from users.

Readability of Text:

The text size that you use will play big part in the time people spend on your blog.

A large font size is good as it is easy on the eye.

Sidebar Position:

The sidebar position should be on the right for the best results. The content should make up to 65% of your page so you do not want them to get side tracked by other things. I have found that the optimal layout is to have your content on the left side and one sidebar on the right side. This way people can focus on reading your content, yet you’ll have the flexibility of promoting other things within your sidebar. A sidebar on the left will decrease the reading of your post by around 10% to 20%.

About You.

You need to connect with readers on a personal level. To do this put a short description in the about you section and link it to another page. Include a picture of yourself also.This will enable people to connect with you and then they will buy from you.

Collecting Emails:

You need to collect emails to build your list and create more traffic to your site.

It is best to provide something free to do this such as an eBook or a free course.

You will notice that by offering a free e-book or a course, you will get a good number of email subscribers. By asking for their email only, you will get 10% more subscribers, up against asking for their email and name!

Yoast SEO plugin

This is probably the best way to make your blog posts optimized. It is easy to install on blogs. It will guide you on headings and keyword tags to make sure they are properly added. It will help your traffic grow to get rankings and therefore traffic. You will notice that it will help your search engine traffic grow by leaps and bounds.

Design of Color:

The colors have a big effect on the blog. They matter for many reasons, some colors attract some repel. Keep things simple and coordinated.


You should place images at the start of blog posts as this increases the click through rate by 35%. So make sure you include a good quality image in all posts! The best blog design can increase traffic greatly.

If you only start with a few changes you can see a big increase in traffic. However you need to include most of these to see that boost in traffic that makes a real difference to your business.

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